A Letter from Our President

Regarding the Lake Mohawk Preservation Foundation in 2020.

Mission & Purpose

Supporting Clean and Healthy Water

The Lake Mohawk Preservation Foundation is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization focused on improving and preserving lake water quality now and for future generations. At our strategic planning meetings we plan our priorities and activities for the year which include educational and volunteer events like Rain Garden Workshops and Lake Mohawk Celebrates Earth Day.

We are in the process of considering funding of projects that can demonstrate new lake technologies that will impact our watershed. We will keep you informed about our progress. Your donations have made this possible!


With your support, we will continue to do great things for our lakes, enhancing recreational values of our lakes and communities, protecting our local watershed and preserving our quality of living.  Please consider an end of the year tax-deductible contribution. Include us in your legacy giving plans.

Become a Volunteer

It takes a compassionate group of committed volunteers to make any organization work. Ours is no different. Please consider volunteering to help protect and preserve our Sussex County waterways.

Our Initiatives

Improving Lake Water Quality, Environmental Education, Scientific Studies Including Innovative Lake Treatment Systems and Approaches, Aquifer Protection & Sustainability, Land and Energy Conservation, Cultural and Social Benefits...

Help Us Reach Our Goal

Because of generous donations from members inside and outside of our community, we are able to fund important scientific and conservation intiatives to improve the quality of our lake and surrounding waterways. Become a protector of our waterways by providing a donation today.


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Protecting Natural Resources...For Future Generations.


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