Lake Mohawk Preservation Foundation
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Your Support Makes a Difference

Your support is critical to the success of the Lake Mohawk Foundation, providing the difference between funding what is short-term and basic and what is truly needed to protect and preserve the lakes located in the Lake Mohawk Reservation including the headwaters of the Wallkill River Watershed.

We ask you to join us to undertake an exciting and challenging journey to address and solve a number of compelling environmental and lake quality issues based on sound technical and management control initiatives. For your consideration, the information below addresses four critical questions supporting the need for strong volunteer support and generous donations:

What are the compelling needs for the Foundation?

  • Community Education
  • Building a volunteer / member baseAddressing Critical Water Quality Concerns – reducing nitrates, sediment transport into the lake(s), control of factors influencing blue-green algae formation, control / reduction of a broad range of threatening evasive species, verification and greater use of mechanical means of controlling water quality versus use of chemicals, etc.
  • Support research efforts by others to develop new innovative and cost-effective approaches to achieve desired water quality levels; includes achievement of ever increasing State Water Quality Standards

What does the problem mean to Lake Mohawk residents?

  • Adverse lifestyle changes if not addressed – homeowner property asset value depreciation, reduction of recreational usage of lakes, nonconformance in meeting State Water Quality Standards (impending concern regarding medication byproducts ending up in septic waste waters, etc.)
  • Adds to adverse trends in maintaining community preservation and environmental sustainability, population growth/stability, and economic viability.

Why can’t others (i.e. LMCC) solve the problem?

  • The Magnitude of the problems and needed resource programs will require a consolidated approach / organized effort by multiple partners, organizations, consultants, governmental entities, using various technical means and funding sources

What would LMPF do to solve the problem?

  • Provide environmental and technical / business partnership and leadership, including a source of funding
  • Guide the implementation of needed solutions to problems identified at the Lake Mohawk lake(s) and Wallkill River Watershed levels Serve as a critical resource for information to the various Sussex County and NJ lake communities
  • Provide continuous updating of developed and corrected information
  • Maintain and communicate results based on maintaining a continuous Monitoring / Control / Reporting Program
  • Provide effective lake management direction and leadership in addressing critical lake problems facing our lakes and watershed today 3 Your support and financial funding are critically needed.

To discuss volunteer and giving opportunities, please contact one of our officers / Trustees: Ernest Hofer Gene DePrez Brigit Bogler Foundation Trustee Foundation Chair Foundation Treasurer EWH – 1/10/2015

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