Lake Mohawk Preservation Foundation
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By celebrating Earth Day you will be doing your part keeping our lakes as clean as possible for summer fun. You can also help by cleaning up dog waste on your property and keeping geese -and swans- from gathering on lakefront spaces.  This helps to keep E. coli, a dangerous bacterium, from entering our water. One goose creates about three pounds of fecal matter daily! That sounds almost unbelievable!

Pharmaceutical drug contamination in our groundwater, rivers and lakes is a growing problem.  Community members can bring unused medications to the police station and dispose of them in a controlled environment.  Keep our ground water free of chemicals! Don’t flush your unused medications.

The Lake Mohawk and township road crews work to clean up sand and grit that was spread over winter in order to keep ice off of our roads.  Roads are swept and retention basins are cleaned out regularly to prevent grit and litter from entering our lakes, streams and rivers. Another practice useful in keeping our lakes free of sediment is to build a rain garden to divert and clean water that might enter the lake from your property.  Ask us how!

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