About Lake Mohawk Preservation Foundation 

A primary goal of the Lake Mohawk Preservation Foundation is to research and pursue new treatment methodologies to preserve Lake Mohawk and further its water quality as well as to share that information for the benefit of the Walkill River watershed and other lakes.

Constructed in the 1920's - Lake Mohawk ("Lake Mohawk" or "Lake") is a man-made lake approximately 800 acres in size and located in Sparta and Byram Townships in Sussex County, New Jersey. Lake Mohawk is the headwaters of the Wallkill River that flows north and eventually into the Hudson River. 

The Lake has been on the forefront of lake water quality and aquatic technology efforts that have resulted in increased water quality through the use of conventional and innovative methods, which achievements have been recognized and awarded by the State of New Jersey. 

Our Foundation Leadership

Bill Askin, President

Mr. Askin is founding partner of the law firm of Askin & Hooker, LLC, in sparta, New Jersey.  He has more than 25 years’ experience practicing Real Property Law, Wills, Trusts, Estates and Elder Law. Today, he focuses on the development of customized estate plans, estate administration, estate litigation and elder law as well as the legal rights and issues related to the acquisition, ownership, development, improvement and sale of real property.

Bill has been an active Trustee with the Lake Mohawk Preservation Foundation since it obtained its’ 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status in 2013.  He currently serves as President of the Foundation and has previously served as Treasurer and Secretary.  He is a fourth generation Lake Mohawk resident and began his involvement with the Foundation with the goal of preserving the lake and its’ resources for his children and generations to come in the future.

Laura Parker, Secretary

Laura has lived in the community for 30 years, raising children and enjoying the lake lifestyle. As a Registered Nurse, Laura is concerned with improving the health of our community.

Laura believes that, for our safety and health, our watersheds must be protected, improved upon, and our community must understand their part in the preservation of the lakes they enjoy.

Bill Askin, Sr- Treasurer

Our Board Membership

Brenda Klumpp

I am a long time member of the lake Mohawk Country Club. For forty-one years my husband, John, and I have been blessed to live in this beautiful environment. Raising our children in this community was an experience we would never trade for anywhere else. I have always been interested in the quality and the beauty of this resource. I remember, though, that there was a time when our facilities were in dire need of attention.

When Fran Smith took over as manager of the Club there were no flowers, no benches gracing our boardwalk , no restaurant or catering facilities, and our lake water quality was questionable. Fran was truly a gift to the community; with her efforts beautifying the lake and the surrounding areas she may rightfully be called the “ Mother of Modern Lake Mohawk”. After attending the first Fran Smith recognition award dinner I joined the Preservation Foundation because its mission was focused on the efforts that Fran had initiated. I became a board member in 2016, and secretary in 2017. I enjoy working with the other trustees to insure that our mission is recognized and continues to grow.

I earned my masters degree in education from Rutgers, and taught information technology for many years at The County College of Morris. Twenty five years ago I entered the recruiting industry. I created my own company, Prism Placement Services sixteen years ago and have successfully managed it ever since.

Craig Kalucki

Craig Kalucki, his wife Necole, and daughter Liana have been members of the Lake Mohawk community for 6 years, and Craig has been involved with the Preservation Foundation for over three years as a volunteer, and now a Trustee.

He grew up around the ocean, spent 10 years in the Coast Guard protecting our waters and aquatic life along the eastern seaboard. Environmental sustainability, and protecting the resources for younger generations are what Craig values, and why the Preservation Foundation and the Lake Mohawk community is so important to him. 

Tom Murray

Julia Kelly, Tom Nerviano

Jim Wardell

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