Our Initiatives

The Foundation is focused on several areas in its early years of operation. The following reflects our aspirations and outlines our vision and our priorities for projects and for attracting volunteer support and contributions from LMCC members, private individuals, foundations, businesses and others interested in lake and watershed ecology.

It is based on our organizing materials and was endorsed unanimously by the Foundation Board at our August meeting.The IRS has determined that contributions to the Foundation are deductible forFederal tax purposes and that we are qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, transfers and other gifts. The Foundation is independent but works closely with theLake Mohawk Country Club and other interested organizations

Lake Water Quality

The sustainability of a lake community is critically influenced by the health of its lakes and ponds. Superior water quality doesn’t just happen. Lakes and ponds, left to their own devices without intervention, are in a constant state of“eutrophication,” -- continually in the process of trying to die.

In order to achieve necessary and desirable water-quality properties while meeting Federal,State, and local compliance requirements, significant focus is placed on a myriad of factors impacting the quality of the water body or bodies, both direct and indirect, including surrounding land uses, and research to ascertain and ensure the most optimal and cost-effective means to reach those ends. Concurrently, collaborative programs are being developed and we are seeking funds to aid in achieving the Foundation’s mission objectives.

Many factors affect water quality. Programs that can be developed and funded include:

  • protection of streams and shorelines, effective management of storm water
  • lake water treatments
  • management of septic systems particularly impact on the generation and exacerbation of weed and algae growth
  • control of the use of chemicals for lawn and garden fertilization, and weed and pest control, including effective landscape strategies
  • management of boating and swimming activities that impact lake water quality
  • development and organization of community programs in support ofMunicipal and State programs

Environmental Education

Community outreach and lake environmental education are crucial to the preservation, protection, and sustainability of a lake community.

It is the mission and goal of the Lake Mohawk Preservation Foundation to invest in and support multiple approaches and communication channels to ensure that local lake communities are kept well informed on lake environmental challenges and lake needs, and the importance of adopting recommended land practices and standards for lake and local community sustainability. To support this goal, the Foundation provides information and direction on how communities, associations and individuals best can play a role.

A strong focus is placed on how to involve and motivate local community members through volunteer programs and the exploration and utilization of donation request opportunities.

Scientific Studies- Innovative Lake Treatment Systems and Approaches

The Foundation will identify and seek funding for enhanced treatment processes and systems to support lake water quality planning and achievement of water quality value opportunities for lake communities. Programs are undertaken with the assistance and guidance of various scientific, educational, governmental entities, watershed organizations, Foundation members, and community groups.

Aquifer Protection and Sustainability

Protection of fresh water supplies to lake communities is essential for the preservation and growth of a lake community, to maintain an acceptable “quality of health and life” standard, and to protect the physical and financial assets of a community. The Foundation will invest in programs, education, and the development of approaches to effectively manage potable water consumption, and to maintain adequate water supplies and the water quality of the supplying aquifer systems.

Land and Energy Conservation

Land Conservation has been a fundamental driver for environmental protection for many years at Lake Mohawk. We invest and support programs related to the protection, preservation, management, or restoration of natural resources, including lake water quality, storm water drainage, septic system management, potable water supply, and programs related to forested areas, such as the protection of current landscapes including along stream banks and storm water flow channels, soils, and fish / wildlife communities. Energy demands and costs to Lake Associations are continuing to escalate. The Foundation will invest in projects and limited monitoring studies that advance and increase energy conservation, e.g., heating and air-conditioning systems linked to ground, ground water, or lake waters to provide higher efficiencies that conventional systems.

Collaboration & Sharing of Information

Scientific Organizations, Lake Mohawk Reservation, Lake Associations, Governmental Entities, Wallkill River Watershed Communities, and other Local Communities. Cooperative technical programs, studies, and information sharing are essential in achieving the mission of the Lake Mohawk Preservation Foundation. Cooperative interaction among stakeholders results in a synergism of coordinated efforts, actions and accomplishments.

Cultural and Social Benefits

Community and cultural benefits including education, recognizing and celebrating successes, and preservation of historical lake structures are among other purposes stated in the Foundation’s formation papers. Specific initiatives will be determined as we move forward and attract support from the community.

Water Quality. Quality of Life. Sussex County Cares.