Submit A Grant Request

Icy Lake Mohawk

The Lake Mohawk Preservation Foundation provides financial support in the form of grants to support the advancement of the LMPF goals. The priorities of the Lake Mohawk Preservation Foundation are:

  • The investigation and implementation of innovative methods to continuously improve the water quality of Lake Mohawk and the Wallkill River, as well as to share that information for benefit of other water bodies included within the Wallkill River watershed; and
  • The preservation and improvement of the Lake Mohawk community including its’ historical properties, structures, character, charm and open spaces that define the Reservation.

We encourage submission of unique projects of scientific interest in Lake Mohawk, Sussex County NJ, and along the Wallkill River in adjacent communities. Contact us for assistance with submissions.

Grant Request Process:

  1. Applicants may choose to fill in the Grant Application Form exactly as presented or may opt to use it as a basic template to organize thoughts and consider strategies. Access the form here
  2. Applicants should clearly state that they have the appropriate resources to complete the project, especially for projects with multiple funding sources. Attachments should detail estimates of costs.
  3. Submit application.
  4. Following submission, we convene a panel to review your application. A number of factors contribute to whether your application will be funded.
  5. After completion of project, submit a summary to LMPF via mail to: 21 The Boardwalk, Sparta, NJ 07871 c/o Lake Mohawk Preservation Foundation, or via email to