A Rain Garden is nature’s water filter. Rain gardens are shallow landscaped depressions that capture, clean, and absorb storm runoff from roofs, parking lots, and roads.

Rain gardens capture water from an impervious surface, allowing water to filter slowly into the ground. They can minimize flooding and erosion on small Lake Mohawk properties.

Rain gardens are better than lawns at helping the ground absorb water and can decrease pollutants entering our lakes by as much as 30 percent.

Even a small rain garden in the right location can make a big difference.

Julia Kelly installed the Rain Garden on the south end of the lake by the Mohawk swimming pool with site prep by Ryan Caruso.


As the rain garden establishes itself, Julia will continue watering using a watering can and water from the lake. The site prep and soil quality were excellent and deer-resistant plants were planted to keep the Rain Garden healthy and flourishing.