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Are you interested in Making a Difference? Join Us and help further the Lake Preservation Initiatives to improve and preserve lake water quality for now and future generations.

Requirements of Lake Mohawk Preservation Foundation Board Members

Attend Monthly Meetings

Monthly meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of every month, at 5:30 pm, at the Lake Mohawk Country Club.


Community outreach and lake environmental education are crucial to the preservation, protection, and sustainability of a lake community.

A strong focus is placed on involving and motivating local community members through volunteer programs and the exploration and utilization of donation request opportunities.

Evaluate Grant Requests

In support of the LMPF goals we offer financial support in the form of grants to support our initiatives.

Board members evaluate grant applications and decide on funding.


LMPF Initiatives and Grant Support are provided through fundraising efforts.

All board members are asked to try to raise funds to reach the fundraising goals.

Head up Volunteer Events

LMPF Initiatives are presented to the community through our volunteer events.

Board members are asked to spearhead various volunteer events throughout the year.

Interested in Joining Us?

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Lake Mohawk Preservation Foundation

A primary goal of the Lake Mohawk Preservation Foundation is to research and pursue new treatment methodologies to preserve Lake Mohawk and further its water quality as well as to share that information for the benefit of the Walkill River watershed and other lakes.

Constructed in the 1920’s – Lake Mohawk (“Lake Mohawk” or “Lake”) is a man-made lake approximately 800 acres in size and located in Sparta and Byram Townships in Sussex County, New Jersey. Lake Mohawk is the headwaters of the Wallkill River that flows north and eventually into the Hudson River. 

The Lake has been on the forefront of lake water quality and aquatic technology efforts that have resulted in increased water quality through the use of conventional and innovative methods, which achievements have been recognized and awarded by the State of New Jersey. 

About Our Foundation

The Lake Mohawk Preservation Foundation is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization focused on improving and preserving lake water quality now and for future generations. Our aspirations, visions and priorities for projects focus on initiatives aimed at attracting volunteer support and contributions from LMCC members, private individuals, foundations, businesses and others interested in lake and watershed ecology.

Lake Water           Quality

The sustainability of a lake community is critically influenced by the health of its lakes and ponds. Lakes and ponds, left to their own devices without intervention, are in a constant state of “eutrophication,” -- continually in the process of trying to die.

Environmental Education

Community outreach and lake environmental education are crucial to the preservation, protection, and sustainability of a lake community. It is our mission and goal to invest in and support multiple approaches and communication channels.

Scientific            Studies

The Foundation will identify and seek funding for enhanced treatment processes and systems to support lake water quality, planning, and achievement of water quality value opportunities for lake communities.

Aquifer        Protection

The Foundation will invest in programs, education, and the development of approaches to effectively manage potable water consumption, and to maintain adequate water supplies and the water quality of the supplying aquifer systems.

Land and Energy Conservation

Land Conservation has been a fundamental driver for environmental protection at Lake Mohawk. We invest and support programs related to the protection, preservation, management, or restoration of natural resources.

Collaboration and Sharing Information

Cooperative technical programs, studies, and information sharing are essential in achieving the mission of the Lake Mohawk Preservation Foundation.

Cultural and Social Benefits

Community and cultural benefits including education, recognizing and celebrating successes, and preservation of historical lake structures are among other purposes stated in the Foundation’s formation papers.

Dollars Raised


Our Board of Trustees

Bill Askin

Bill Askin


Bill is a founding partner of the law firm Askin & Hooker, LLC, in Sparta, New Jersey.  He has more than 25 years of experience practicing Real Property Law, Wills, Trusts, Estates, and Elder Law.

Bill has been an active Trustee with the Lake Mohawk Preservation Foundation since 2013.  He currently serves as President of the Foundation and has previously served as Treasurer and Secretary.  He is a fourth-generation Lake Mohawk resident and began his involvement with the Foundation with the goal of preserving the lake and its’ resources for his children and generations to come in the future.

Tom Nerviano

Tom Nerviano

Vice President

Tom, a Sparta resident for 21 years, settled in the Lake Mohawk community in 2017.  He and his wife have a great appreciation for our lake and the natural resources of the surrounding area.

Tom has been involved with the Lake Mohawk Preservation Foundation for three years. He believes that protecting and improving water quality is critical to the future of our lake community and the restoration of the watershed.

Tom’s career includes 33 years at Unilever and post-retirement work as an HR consultant.  He brings extensive HR experience and a focus on engagement, education, teamwork, and continuous improvement to the foundation.

Bill Askin, Sr. (Pop)

Bill Askin, Sr. (Pop)


Pop retired from JP Morgan Chase Bank after 38 years of service and spent four years in Romania on a consulting assignment to the Romania Telephone Co.  Currently, Pop serves as Financial Operations Manager of the Askin & Hooker Law Firm in Sparta.

Pop is responsible for oversight of the Preservation’s financial and bookkeeping operations including the day-to-day accounting, and financial activities, and providing the Foundation’s Board of Trustees with current financial statements and reports.

Pop has grown up in Lake Mohawk and is extremely interested in trying to have some influence over the future of the Lake for his family and those who love living at the Lake.

Julia Kelly

Julia Kelly

Board Member

Julia has lived most of her life in New Jersey. She has been a part of the Lake Mohawk community for almost nine years. She has been an elementary teacher for twenty-two years and most of her teaching has centered around earth literacy and environmental sustainability with her students. While teaching young students she wrote a sustainable curriculum through the Cloud Institute.  

Julia is passionate about protecting the environment and helping to educate our youth to sustain the earth for generations to come. She loves spending time emersed in the natural world and enjoys sharing this with others. She loves gardening and received her Master Gardener certificate through Rutgers cooperative extension several years ago.

Jim Wardell

Jim Wardell

Board Member

For more than 40 years, Jim and his family have been weekend/summer residents at Lake Mohawk becoming a full-time resident 25 years ago. Jim began his professional career as an elementary school teacher and then changed professions spending 30 years with the Wall Street Journal as an advertising and marketing manager in many cities across the country.

Jim has been an active member of our Lake Mohawk community for the last 20 years volunteering on many committees and serving on the LMCC Board of Trustees for 8 years. In 2012, he spearheaded and was a co-founder of the Lake Mohawk Preservation Foundation.

He is committed and dedicated to helping others and preserving the quality of our environment today and for future generations. 

Ryan Caruso

Ryan Caruso

Board Member

Ryan is a 30-year resident of Lake Mohawk, NJ. From going to Oak Tree Pre-School by boat back in 96’, to lifeguarding on most of the beaches, the lake has been a very special place to Mr. Caruso and the family that raised him.  

Mr. Caruso now resides on West Shore Trail and is more active on the lake than ever. He has recently launched a Lake Services business known as “Caruso Lakeshore Construction & Services” and is a new board member of the Lake Mohawk Preservation Foundation. Mr. Caruso is hoping through his volunteerism on the board, and his business on the lake, he can help to maintain this beautiful lake community and provide support to ensure the longevity of the lake for generations to come.